Has The Caulking Gun Been Re-invented?

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In this video, Shannon shows you a new style of caulk gun. This caulking gun allows you to get into tighter spaces since it cuts the tube lengthwise as it’s used.

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Can this much smaller four inch caulking Gun Actually replace the traditional much Larger gun Well I’m Shannon from host Improvements.com we’re going to discuss This right now So I quite often get companies who want To send out some kind of product for us To give a try or give a review or Whatever and I kind of tell everybody The same thing they can send us whatever They want until I try something actually For a while and get a feel for it I Can’t give it an honest review and uh You know that’s just kind of our policy Send it out to us let me try it and then We’ll see if it even makes a video if I Really hate it you’re never going to see It on my channel but uh things that have Some Merit uh once I’ve tried them out Um I think they’re they’re worth talking About and and this is one of those Products so this gun uh they haven’t Sponsored us they aren’t paying us they Did send us the gun But uh they aren’t sponsoring Us in any Other way I’m giving my honest opinion Here so this this gun is made by silicon So it’s probably one of the first Redesigns of a caulking gun Really drastic redesigns anyways that I Can think of In 100 years honestly you know

Traditionally these guns here that you See this is this is pretty typical what You’re going to see on most job sites Your most homeowners house hanging up Somewhere they really haven’t changed Much in in a lot of years So it piqued my interest when these guys Sent this out I’d never seen it uh you Know they sent me an email so then I Looked online just to see kind of what It was about and and a few days later Guns showed up in the mail so So I’ve been trying it out now for I don’t know over the last probably two Three months Um There’s some pros and cons to it for Sure Uh You know I I don’t know that this gun For me as a professional Can replace these uh there’s definitely A place for this gun because of its Compact design You know it it really works well in Tight spaces and it definitely has a Purpose it doesn’t In my line of work replace a gun like This One of those reasons let’s start out With the pros okay obviously the compact Design okay really easy when we get to This the end of this I’ll show you how This actually works but so I like the

Compact design I like the fact that it’s Got a couple different options for Hanging it although I’m not real sure That this one over time is going to Stand up Um I think even if you drop this couple Times I bet you that’s the first thing That breaks off but you know the little Strap you don’t really see that on too Many guns some of them do have it but uh Anyways that’s one of the pros they do Have a a little tool built into the Handle here for puncturing you know some Of your silicones have a foil seal Inside you’ve got a puncture Um the one thing I do find with it It’s a little cumbersome to get in and Out it it’s almost a little hard on the Finger honestly to It’s kind of like being careful around a Mouse trap when you’re using that part But it works uh you can see honestly It’s pretty clean I I tried to keep it Clean just because of the way it goes in Here I didn’t want to get the rest of The handle all goofed up But it does work Okay so those are kind of the See look I’m having a little trouble Getting that in there right now Okay got it in there Um Now the cons that I that I seen a lot of Times when I’m

Running a bead of caulk or silicone or Whatever With a traditional tube you know you’ve Got a you’ve got a tube cut with a uh With a with an usually cut it on a bit Of a 45 gives you a nicer bead so Sometimes you need to manipulate that Tube as you’re changing directions say Around a window or something and you Just in this gun I can simply turn that Tube in this gun because of the design And I’ll show you that in a minute once You’ve started the tube in there you Can’t rotate the tube you’ve got to Actually turn the gun okay so that’s one Of the things I didn’t like Um Getting the tubes out sometimes is a Little difficult You’ve got to kind of Manipulate it to get it out not as not As handy there’s a grip tape inside here And already on mine I’m getting a little Bit of it’s not nearly as grippy it kind Of fills up with the plastic off the Tubes and stuff and I think over time That will kind of get smooth and not Grip the tube as much as it needs to do What are one of the other things I Didn’t like Um Uh it’s a little harder to reuse the Tubes because once what happens is when This tube goes in there

There’s a little there’s a little blade In there and it splits the tubes So they actually cut as they come Through the gun And this is what kind of happens the Tube gets all out of shape on the end And it’s hard to get started the next Time you go to use it Uh so that’s one of the other things I Didn’t like Um the other thing I I didn’t like and They they admit this uh it’s really Meant for Like silicones and uh pretty fluent Caulking things like adhesives or most Products that are in a paper tube Cardboard tube it doesn’t work as well I Don’t I just don’t know what it is you Just it’s hard to get the product out of The tube I found with it and and they Kind of admit that even on their own Literature so so those those are the Things that uh You know I kind of found as cons are They deal breakers Not any one of them is but when you add Them all up for me I don’t think this could be my go-to gun One of the other things it didn’t have Is a is a tip cutter Um like on this one here Up here I can stick the end of a of a New tube in here and it’ll cut the tip Open for me now I don’t use that a lot

Because I tend to use an old utility Knife because I want just a nice angle On but this doesn’t even give me the Option you know a lot of times on an Adhesive doesn’t really matter you’re Not doing anything finicky you just bust The end off and the way I go with this Gun you don’t have that so there’s one Other thing it doesn’t have Um Overall I mean you seem to have lots of Power When you’re ratcheting this thing it Works great on silicones and and other Caulkings but like I said the adhesives Are something that’s a little thicker Maybe even in cold weather it it just I Just couldn’t get it to work that well So how this works I’m just going to take A tube here So this isn’t a new tube actually none Of these are new tubes so Start out with to insert a tube you’ve Got to squeeze this little lever here Which is kind of a clutch system And that’ll allow you to get the tube Started in To the gun and you can let go of the Clutch And then what you’re doing I should Better take the end off By the way these little ends I’m going To put a link in the description they’re They’re great for sealing up open tubes

Okay so I’ll throw a link down below There You can look for after So once you’ve got your uh your caulking Or whatever your Silicone started into The gun now you’re squeezing the handle And back in here if you can see there’s A knife here in the middle Kind of a serrated knife so as As the tube gets pulled into the gun That knife slits the tube okay So like I said this tube is uh not not Brand new So I’m just going to squeeze it up to Where I get some resistance Right there so now it’s gotten to where The the silicone is in the tube in Here you can see The back end of that tube is split open Now they’ve got to do that right the old Traditional ones there’s this rod with a Plunger on it actually here’s a better Look there’s the rod with the plunger on It and when you squeeze the handle that Plunger is going into the tube there’s No reason to split the tube this one Works the opposite way you’re shoving That tube through the gun so they’ve got To split it okay not not a big deal It actually helps the gun even get Smaller once you get going right as the Caulking gets down you can cut the ends Of the tubes off out the back here and You have you know you can really get

Into some tight spots but That’s the basics of how the Gun Works I Mean other than that it’s still doing The same thing it’s still pushing out uh Caulking here so let’s just let’s just Run a bead here and see now here here’s An example I’ve got that tube cut on this angle I just grabbed it naturally like because That’s what I always do and I was going To rotate it to be at the right angle I Can’t now because I’ve already I’ve already got it in the gun I mean I Could pull it out and turn it and Whatever but yeah it’s kind of a pain Anyways I’ll make it work so we’re just Going to lay down a bead here I’ll start Right down this corner [Applause] They call it a a dripless design I don’t know I don’t know if you can Really say it’s dripless it still wants To let a little bit out there when You’re done Maybe not as bad as some guns this the Silicone might be a little I might have a bit of a another riddle I Had a bit of a plug in there I mean yeah it works it’s It lays a good bead I I don’t have a problem with the way it Actually works as a gun You know it does it does what a person Wants it to do

I just think there’s a few drawbacks to It For the everyday guy that’s not the Everyday guy the everyday Pro that’s Going to be using it a lot with a lot of Different products that’s that’s my only Thing now to get this out So we’ve got it in there now you want to Change something else You again squeeze that clutch lever And pull the tube well that one came out Really easy sometimes I don’t know what It is I just found they got kind of jimmied in There so then what I would have to do is Uh this would be See if I can get it started in there Again Okay so sometimes you know you’d be Pulling it wouldn’t just wouldn’t quite Come out so I was turning it upside down Give it a bang or squeezing it and Popping it with my hand and then it Seemed to free it up I don’t know maybe There’s just some pressure on it or Maybe something got gummed up in there I’m not too sure So There you have it silicon Is it going to replace the traditional Gun I don’t think so is it handy yeah Absolutely am I going to carry this with Me I’m going to carry this in my trailer

Absolutely I I do think it has its place There’s a lot of times I’ve been you Know trying to silicone a backsplash in Behind a faucet or whatever tight Quarters and I really wished I didn’t Have all this Sticking out in the way and I could have Just had this Right so there’s going to be places Where I’m going to use this absolutely So Just to finish things off I don’t think There’s anything else I can really see You know if I was going to give this uh Something out of 10 I’ll probably give it a seven seems Pretty robust other than this this hook Here so yeah I’m going to give it a 7 Out of 10. Uh click the thumbs up if you like the Video go check out All our other videos we have hundreds of Videos to check out on all kinds of Topics subscribe to our Channel I I Don’t know what you’re doing if you’ve Never subscribed to my channel Where have you been like subscribe now Okay so subscribe click the thumbs up uh Look in the description most of our Videos in the description we’re going to Have some links uh like to this little Doohickey for the caulking uh where’s The tube Great very handy I like those things

Those are in this video just go look Down there we’ll throw a link to uh Coffee guns down there too and we Actually have a video on how to use a Caulking gun more traditional style Obviously this this type We’ll throw a link in down there go Check that out too Thanks a lot

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